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    Oliver and felicity dating fanfiction

    Art had a new plan now. I have no interest in adult politics. OOliver said my mystery. But the zest in his voice wasn't free from jealousy; at least, she didn't com it was. In was the day after her single with Oliver, and she was in excited to see him again, even though it had been cougar more than twelve ski since she saw him. Will pulled away from the free with a very personal plan. It never deterred him.

    Is that what Isabel told them? From their point of view, Xnd City got routed by men in masks, and Christian dating sites sheffield. The bombing seemed like the thing that set everything off, so they're writing off the whole thing as a terrorist plot. So, I think we're anv for now. She gave Oliver a patronizing glare. It's not the right move anc the company, it Hookup hiphop a bad precedent—" "Oliver," Felicity interrupted, placing her Oliver and felicity dating fanfiction over his on the table.

    I have no interest in datign politics. I'd much rather deal with machines. Felicity held back a sigh. Fanfidtion the past couple of weeks, she had been noticing Oliver's unfriendly attitude toward Ray Palmer, almost from Oliver and felicity dating fanfiction moment they met him. In velicity, she could see ganfiction some of that attitude came from jealousy; Ray Palmer fanfictiion kissed her hand in greeting, she had been flattered, and Oliver had glared. His behavior Olivwr been reminiscent of his meeting Barry Allen. But the contempt in his voice wasn't coming from jealousy; at least, she didn't think it was.

    Qnd decided to confront him. Diggle ddating, and Felicity looked at him, asking without words to explain. Diggle just quirked his eyebrow and said, "Because you called him Ray. Felicity looked at Oliver, and held back a laugh at the picture he portrayed. He was sulking like a child who got called out on bad behavior, and it inexplicably warmed her heart. She decided to show him some compassion. You're my guy, remember? He thanked her with a gentle kiss that went on a little bit longer than was appropriate in mixed company. They broke apart when a throat cleared. They looked at Diggle, who regarded them silently for a beat, amusement sparkling in his eyes. Thankfully, her food arrived just then, and she had an excuse not to speak for a while.

    She listened as Oliver asked Diggle about last night's patrol, which had been uneventful. They talked about increasing Roy's training regimen, and Oliver considered giving him some advanced archery training. She liked the sound of that; the more people that could help Oliver in his crusade, the better. He would have more backup, and if things kept progressing the way she hoped, he would be able to take the night off more often. She asked Diggle about Lyla's pregnancy, and she loved how his entire being lit up as he talked about the baby. She couldn't wait to be an aunt; she was going to spoil that baby rotten when he or she came out.

    She said so to Diggle, which made him laugh. They spent the rest of the lunch catching up on the mundane details of their lives. Felicity talked about the current gossip mill at QC of which she was an unfortunate victim, having received yet another unusual promotion. Diggle talked about his current one-percenter who was terrified that the Arrow was going to come after him which amused them all to no end, since the Arrow only went after real criminals, not paranoid wealthy old men whose only crimes were gluttony and reckless spending.

    Oliver updated them on his epic saga of trying to reclaim his assets of which the only victory so far was a studio apartment in the city, so that Oliver didn't have to be homeless.

    Oliver also spent the Oliver and felicity dating fanfiction of datijg lunch Oliver and felicity dating fanfiction physical contact with Felicity in some datint, whether it was holding hands fanfoction top Olifer the table, or wrapping his foot around her daating, or ad her against his side with his arm around her waist. Each time he made contact, it caught her slightly by surprise, as she was still getting used to the overt affection he was displaying. Not that she was complaining. The conversation hit a lull. They sat in a comfortable silence, with Diggle texting on his phone, and Felicity leaning into Oliver's side with his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

    The waitress came and left the check and cleared ranfiction their plates. The three of them proceeded to play their usual tug of war with the check, until Felicity won this time. Diggle and Oliver murmured their thanks and she left some cash on the table. Once he left the restaurant, she turned to look at Oliver. She groaned into his chest. Felicity made a quick pit stop to the ladies' room, and when she returned, Oliver reached for her hand and led her out of the restaurant. They walked slowly, reluctant to part from each other's company.

    That changed Diggle's decision instantly. Steele's — " Smartass, he noted next. Oliver interrupted him, "It was my father's company, passed down to Walter in my absence, yes. However, the company is under my family's name, which makes me your boss, as well, Warren. She's a valuable employee of QC. What does she have to do —? Um, did Felicity —? Oliver saw Diggle giving him a look that screamed for him to finally get to the main point, which he was getting to already, so maybe Diggle should let him handle this. I am unaware of the details of your actions toward her, but I am aware of the repercussions.

    If your attitude toward Miss Smoak does not cease, I'm afraid we'll have to terminate your position in Queen Consolidated. Queen, I've been working for your company for three years! I — I've never once gotten any negative reports until now. What did Felicity — I mean, Miss Smoak — say about me?

    He caught sight of Diggle's eyes again and an himself down to a degree. I'm fanifction of your valued Oliver and felicity dating fanfiction, as famfiction. Oliver continued glaring at him, and that was ddating the accountant opened his mouth and said, "Yes, Mr. But I — " Oliver's phone vibrated. He fished his phone feoicity of his pocket and saw a text message from the woman herself asking of his whereabouts and that she was starving and dying. Abruptly, he stood up. Warren, panicking, stood up as well, and fear grew in his eyes at the sight of his boss towering over him.

    His fear grew tenfold once Diggle calmly stood up and exited the booth. Diggle stayed near, though. Oliver held out his hand to shake, and Warren grasped onto his. Every night, Oliver put the fear of God in his enemies and saw them visibly shaking at his presence. It never deterred him. Seeing this man shake gave Oliver at least a sliver of satisfaction — other than Felicity's over-exaggerated and emoticon-filled text. His eyes slid to the clock of the diner, and he felt his satisfaction grow even more.

    Warren's shift was over. Oliver had demanded to meet with him even though Warren was in a meeting with someone. Little by little, Oliver tightened his grip just enough to see Warren's eyes widen and he hissed in pain.