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    Dying light broadcast hook up the amplifier

    Swim down in the student to the want. In, jump to rebellion the line fragments For your path to the top, you will have groadcast unique with several more in moments. Share up and grab on to the anniversary pipe shown in the above screenshot. Up of all, deal with the student and try to help most of the dating sites. Soon, you will party the student to the Old Up point 1k on the map. Mr the student single to the top of the student.

    You then need to walk over the blue pipe, which will allow you to reach a small balcony on height. Look up amplifir grab on to the ligyt pipe shown in the above screenshot. Shimmy to the right, along the pipe and hooo your current situation often. Drop down from the pipe after you get above a small amplifiier. After several moments, hook will have to shimmy along pipes again. This time, it is going to be the two blue pipes. Thanks to them, you will get to a platform. You can now beoadcast towards the last balcony and take the last jump.

    Exit the room and take the stairs. In the next room, you will be bumping into hool infected and, if only you have the Takedown skill, get them from behind and eliminate them stealthily. Try not to use any firearms, at first, or you will alarm all of the zombies. The first of the two areas to explore Soon, you will reach the sewers exit point 1d on the map. Stand on the ledge, turn towards the blue bags in the distance and try to jump onto them thanks to which you How accurate is pregnancy dating scan no damage. Your next task is to find the key card and to do that, Dying light broadcast hook up the amplifier need to explore the two marked areas.

    Start with the one closer to the starting point, i. You do not need to attack the zombies her, at all, although you should watch out for a goon, bombers and the toad. Examine the four blue containers - two of them are below and two are above. Thanks to this, you will find out that the key is not here. The keycard is in the Southern container Now, head towards the other yellow area in the central part of the map point 1f on the map. In here, you need to be even more careful. Try to eliminate, first of all, toads on the containers and avoid the concrete chunks thrown by mutants. As for the mutants themselves, you do not need to fight them and you can simply explore the area.

    Jump into the containers through the hole in the roof. The Access Card is on the corpse in the Southern container. The location, where you need to use the access card Your next destination is the substation in the North-Western part of the map. It is best to get there over the main road to the hill. Approach the enclosed area from the South point 1g on the map and hop over the fence, where there are no entanglements. Just like before, you need to take appropriate precautions here. Try to reach rooftops, of the nearby buildings, as quickly as possible and kill the toads. Also, deal with all the bombers.

    You can ignore mutants, although you should watch out for their attacks chunks of concrete and charges. Use the access card to open the building in the middle point 1h on the map. Enter the second room and find the fuse box. Leave the building and lure the zombies away, somewhere to the South. Then, approach the base of the antenna quickly point 1i on the map. You need to interact with the control panel here. Get away and wait for the elevator to smash on the ground floor. Take the hole that was formed this way and get into the metal structure, to climb the ladder. Climb the ladder, to the very top, turn left and jump towards the platform shown in the above screenshot.

    You can climb up the stairs. From the ledge you can kill three of them; two with the exploding barrels and the one above on the balcony. Once those three are dead, drop down and kill the last one on the right. When all the Toads are dead, use the grappling hook to swing up to the platform above the fourth Toad. Head up the stairs and arm a melee weapon.

    At the top of the stairs ammplifier will be a lone walker. Kill it and use the camouflage technique to cover yourself in zombie guts. With this temporary invisibility, walker though the halls to the next set of stairs. If your camp starts wearing off, kill one and reapply.

    Head up the pight and outside to see the radio tower. From here, dive left into the water. You could jump right onto the pile off trash, but its easier to miss the trash than it is to miss the water. Once on land, follow the road around to the first pair of containers. You need to find lihgt key card to continue. Inside the fenced area are zombies waiting for you. I would climb the stairs, kill the Toad up top, Dying light broadcast hook up the amplifier then use the stairs to have to walkers line up single file for death. A Bomber may brodacast around too. Dying light broadcast hook up the amplifier not, it will be inside the bottom container waiting for you.

    Walk through the brkadcast container and then head around the back to the lower container to inspect it. When you find nothing, leave the area and cross the busted bridge. Again, the grappling hook makes crossing this bridge a piece of cake, but if you do not have it, balance across the bars to reach the other side. Around the corner is the next fenced in area. Use the yellow van to climb inside. There are two Demolishers and plenty of other zombies inside. Run to the left and make way for the container in the very back, right next to the crane.

    Climb on top and kill a Toad. Drop down through the hole in the roof and grab the key card next to the dead body. Climb out and make you way east opposite way of the crane out of the fenced area. Follow the winding road to the top of the hill. Hop on top of the yellow van to shoot a few problematic walkers. Take out the Bombers first. There should be three. Then try and kill the Toads on the adjacent roof. Use on of the Toads for camouflage. Drop down and face the building you were just on top of. There is a door that needs the key card to enter. Swipe the card and open the door. Make sure to close it behind you! Push open the door and pry open the control panel dead ahead.

    This powers on the tower. Head outside and make a left. A giant walker is guarding the panel you need. Kill a nearby biter and apply more camo.